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Trinidad & Tobago

Much more than patties and jerk chicken, Trinidadian cuisine is ethnically complex and is reflective of its history. Columbus arrived in the 15th century, supplanting the indigenous communities and paving the way for a Spanish colony, with numerous countries laying claim to the islands throughout the centuries until Trinidad & Tobagao achieved independence in the 1970s. As a result, Trinidadian food, its flavours and style of preparation have been influenced by African, Indian, Chinese and European cuisine. You can appreciate the Indian influences in the doubles (two pieces of flat fried dough filled with curried chickpeas), roti and curries; the West African/Creole influence in the stewed chicken, fried plantains, red beans and callaloo (a type of soup with dasheen leaves and okra); the Spanish influence in the pastilles; and the Chinese influence in Trinidad’s version of chow mein. Heightened by the fresh selection of fruits and vegetables available year-round, many popular dishes have been born over time from fusing the flavours of Trinidadian history.


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