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Myanmar (Burma)

Largely hidden for the past 50 years due to the isolation inflicted by an oppressive military junta, the world is starting to discover Burmese cuisine. Influenced by neighbouring China, India and Thailand, Burmese food is a unique hybrid of all these cultures, with its own techniques, ingredients and flavours creating something subtle and delicious. These external influences give way to the internal, with the various ethnicities and regions in Burma each having its own special dish and style of cooking. The most popular staple is mohinga, often considered the national dish, which is a thick fish broth made with thin rice noodles and topped with crispy deep-fried vegetables or lentils. A unique feature of Burmese meals are the volume and variety of accompaniments, ranging from boiled vegetables, soups, pickles, herbs, dipping sauces and pastes that are served at each sitting. Salads in every colour and combination also feature with laphet, arguably the most popular Burmese salad, uniting an unusual combination of fermented green tea leaves, roasted peanuts, crunchy beans, toasted sesame seeds, fried garlic, dried shrimp and chopped tomatoes.


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